ThrowRaft Type IV Inflatable Throwable Flotation Device

First-of-its-kind product can be thrown like a cushion, ring or buoy.

ThrowRaft Type IV throwable flotation device
ThrowRaft throwable flotation deviceCourtesy of ThrowRaft

ThrowRaft says its TD2401 is the world's first Type IV inflatable throwable flotation device on the market, and it has gained U.S. Coast Guard approval. The re-packable device measures 11 by 14 inches and can be thrown like a square cushion, ring or horseshoe buoy. It can be manually activated to inflate and will auto-inflate when submerged. Deployed, it has a minimum buoyancy of 20 pounds. The yellow cushion fits into an orange pouch with a 24-gram carbon-dioxide cylinder. The TD2401 costs $129.99.