Top Wind-On Leader Videos

Watch these videos to learn the techniques necessary to rig your own hollow-core wind-on leaders.

In order to build your own hollow-core wind-on leaders with confidence, it's vital to master the three different steps involved in the process: 1) Whip a loop 2) Thread the leader and 3) Serve the connection. Luckily, there's a variety of proven methods to accomplish each step, and most of these methods are clearly demonstrated via online tutorials. Browse through the videos in the following pages and decide which methods work best for you. Keep in mind that terms polyethylene, braid and Spectra are all used interchangeably.

Wind-On Leader Demystified

PowerPro made a series of videos highlighting each step in the process of creating wind-on leaders, including how to whip a loop in hollow core and how to connect fluorocarbon to hollow core Spectra. Although this is one proven way to rig wind-ons, it's not the only way. There are a number of methods used to hold leader material inside hollow core line and serve the connection between the two.

Dual Wall Wind-On

CharkBait's Mark Smith has a number of informational videos on YouTube showing the basics of rigging hollow core polyethylene (PE) fishing line. Of note, Smith demonstrates two methods to hold the braid and leader material together via a Sato connection or nail knot. Below is an in-depth video showing exactly how to rig a "dual-wall" wind-on leader with hollow-core braided line. This rig is different than the method shown by PowerPro on the previous page.

Splice is Nice

Blackwater fishing line demonstrates how to splice together monofilament line and hollow core braid. Even though this video is not about wind-ons, the technique used as the serve connection is used for wind-on leaders. In fact, this serve connection is one of the more-simple wraps available to anglers.

Dacron Wind-On Leader

The IGFA school of sportfishing produced this video to show how to rig a wind-on leader with Dacron line. Before the days of hollow-core Spectra, Dacron was the preferred material for wind-ons. Now, Dacron has fallen to the wayside as hollow braids have a much longer lifespan than degradable Dacron.

No Needles Necessary

This resourceful video shows how to splice a loop into hollow-core braid fishing line without using a latch needle, or any needle for that matter. All the angler needs is a 4-foot piece of single-strand wire leader. Realize that a rigging needle is still likely necessary to thread the leader material into the braid; this video only shows how to whip a loop.