Take Action To Restore Atlantic Menhaden

Show Your Concern for the Future of Atlantic Menhaden and East Coast Fisheries

Wild Ocean

Wild Ocean

Now is the time to let your voice be heard in support of measures to rebuild overfished menhaden all along the Atlantic coast. The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) is accepting public comment - through November 16th - on Amendment 2 to its Interstate Menhaden Plan, which covers fishing from Maine to Florida.

The amendment includes long-promised catch reductions for the industrial reduction fishery, limits fishermen and conservationists have been working on for years so we can restore menhaden to coastal waters to support striped bass and a myriad of other dependent predators that need this small but important fish to survive.

Show your concern for the future of Atlantic menhaden and east coast fisheries. Menhaden overfishing is hurting recreational and commercial fishing all along the east coast and the many marine predators that directly depend on this critical prey species for their survival. TELL THE ASMFC TO STOP OVERFISHING TODAY!

Follow this link to read the National Coalition for Marine Conservation's recommendations for Amendment 2, including an immediate and substantial cut in catch to reach the rebuilding target within 5 years. We also provide a sample letter you can copy, print or email directly to the ASMFC Menhaden Management Board.

–– Source: National Coalition for Marine Conservation