Extraordinary Photos From Sport Fishing’s “Last Cast” Pages, 2019

The editors of Sport Fishing review thousands of images each year. A few of those are noteworthy enough to be Last Cast material, and we present those here in case you missed any in print, or simply want to see them again.

Sargassumfish eaten by tripletail
FEBRUARY — It’s a Sargassum Jungle
Gotcha! The expression on the face of a hapless sargassumfish befires its sudden change in status from predator among the floating weeds to that of lunch for a tripletail.
Michael Patrick O’Neill
A school of skipjack tuna
MARCH — A Feast of Anchovies
Meal time: A school of skipjack tuna off Southern California picks off anchovies beneath a tight ball at the surface of the Pacific.
Richard Herrmann
Snook jumping
APRIL — Sky Snook
When it comes to angry, gill-rattling leaps at the end of a line, snook are no slouch, a point this fish is clearly making.
Jason Stemple
Battling a swordfish
MAY — Stubborn Sword
Dogged fighters to the end, swordfish are all the more amazing for their ability to fight all the way to the surface, even if hooked in 1,800 feet of water.
Kevin Dodge
Release of a blue marlin
JUNE — Endgame
Magnificent moment at the endgame off Guatemala, when the release of a blue marlin adds yet another to the thousands of billfish released by Casa Vieja’s famed Rum Line.
Capt. Chris Sheeder
Houndfish with open mouth
JUL-AUG — Terrible Teeth
“Stay back! I’ve got a houndfish, and I know how to use it!” This head-on view, taken off the rugged Pacific coast of Colombia, reveals an impressive set of wicked-sharp teeth.
Doug Olander / Sport Fishing
School of bonefish
SEP-OCT — Ball of Bonefish
Astounding aggregation of thousands of bonefish occur annually in a number of specific places in the Bahamas, events that precede spawning.
Robbie Roemer
Holding a large tarpon
NOV-DEC — Pissed-Off
Unwilling model: Three anglers thought they’d hold this big tarpon alongside their boat for a photo. The tarpon appears to have a very different idea.
Pete Millisci