Why You Should Have a Trolling Motor on Your Boat

Trolling motors offer enhanced maneuverability and fishability throughout the day.

November 22, 2019

Trolling motors are the perfect tool to move and maneuver your boat when you don’t want to start your boat’s loud outboard engine. Often mounted at the bow or transom, trolling motors are battery powered and controlled via hand, foot pedal or remote control.

Today’s trolling motors allow anglers to fish a shoreline methodically and quietly. Trolling motors allow a boat to stay in one spot when fighting against current or wind without deploying a physical anchor. Tilt the outboard engine out of the water and use the trolling motor to explore areas that are otherwise to shallow too access.

The 1980s saw trolling motors really enter the fishing scene and advancements in the motors have been occurring ever since. Current options include trolling motors with sonar transducer and temperature sensors, trolling motors that link up with your fish-finder electronics, and trolling motors that can stay in one spot based on GPS location.


Bass boats, bay boats, flats boats, pontoon boats, smaller center consoles and even kayaks regularly utilize trolling motors nowadays. Find out which trolling motor fits your needs for fishing

Hand Control Options

Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor
Transom-mount trolling motors come with tiller steering. Minn Kota

The Minn Kota Endura is a 12-volt transom-mount trolling motor with a 30-inch shaft. This type of trolling motor is perfect for using on a lightweight Jon boat. Explore lakes and creeks quietly. A 6-inch telescoping handle and tilt twist handle mean you’ll need to use a hand to steer. A total of five forward and three reverse speeds give anglers options when maneuvering around docks and fallen limbs. This basic trolling motor is one that can easily be removed and added to the boat before and after a day’s fishing.

Steer With A Foot Pedal

Motorguide X3-45Fw Fb 45" 12V Foot-Operated
Trolling motors with foot pedal steering allow you to have both hands free to fish. MotorGuide

The MotorGuide X3 trolling motor likely interests fresh and brackish water anglers that want to fish hands free. The foot control unit of the trolling motor has a heel-toe design and directional indicator for simple steering with your foot. Patented Variable Ratio Steering (VRS) accurately positions in the wind, rough water, and other less than favorable weather. Rigid aircraft grade aluminum mount and stainless-steel bushings provide a strong base at the bow. This quiet trolling motor is a great entry level option for anglers that want a bow-mounted trolling motor. Other manufacturers in this class of trolling motor produce similar options.


Remote Steering and Beyond

Minn Kota Riptide Power Drive
Use a trolling motor in place of an anchor to keep you in a single spot while fishing. Minn Kota

The Minn Kota Riptide Power Drive trolling motor excites the angler looking for a saltwater-strong trolling motor with plenty of features. The company’s iPilot feature uses GPS to control your trolling motor. For example, Spot Lock holds the boat in one place with surprising GPS accuracy. Auto Pilot navigates your boat in any direction you choose; head a certain direction and the motor will keep that track even when battling winds and waves. The motor also allows anglers to record paths, control speed and steering with a remote, and utilizes digital maximizer for increased run time with a single battery. This class of trolling motor is for the experienced angler who expects a lot from their trolling motor and works it hard throughout the day.


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