Pettit Odyssey HD/Trinidad HD Bottom Paints

New multiseason bottom paints come with 18-month warranty.

Multiseason bottom paints protect your hull.Pettit Marine Paint

Pettit Marine Paint has released two multiseason bottom paints—Odyssey HD and Trinidad HD—that are covered by an 18-month hull-defense limited warranty. Odyssey HD combines controlled polishing ablative technology with a high copper content to handle the toughest marine environments coast to coast. It’s compatible over most finishes, is compliant with federal VOC (volatile organic compounds) regulations in all states and does not build up over time. Trinidad HD provides dependable in-water antifouling protection while meeting the 330-grams-per-liter VOC regulations. The product features a high-copper load, does not require movement and works well at the dock or underway. Pettit does not set retail pricing, but online rates ranged from $195 to $230 per gallon.