New Products and Electronics for October 2020

7 new tackle, gear and electronics items.

October 9, 2020
Daiwa Saltiga LD fishing reel
Daiwa Saltiga LD Courtesy Daiwa

Daiwa Saltiga LD

Six single-speed models, 10 two-speed models and two tournament-style sailfish designs give anglers a wide variety of sizes to choose from among Daiwa’s revamped Saltiga LD reels. All of the new reels feature a single-piece machined-aluminum frames and side plates for precise alignment of bearings and gears, as well as Daiwa’s Advanced Tournament Drag System. Oversize, super-hard stainless-steel main and pinion gears fit together perfectly to drive the kicking gear with extra strength. Oversize spool bearings reduce side load. Max drags range from 22 to 45 pounds; retrieve per 39.9 to 47 inches of line per handle turn (sailfish models pick up 54.3 to 56 inches per crank). Single-speed reels cost $419.99 to $649.99; two-speeds cost $499.99 to $699.99.

Penn Slow-Pitch Fishing Rods
Penn Slow-Pitch Rods Courtesy Penn

Penn Slow-Pitch Rods

Penn has introduced a line of slow-pitch jigging rods due to the popularization of this Japanese technique in the United States. By using smaller tackle and small, precise movements, anglers can better imitate a wounded baitfish. The Penn Slow Pitch System employs extra-narrow Fathom reels and these new Battalion II rods with thin, technical blanks, ideal for working specialized jigs nearshore and offshore. The series includes six, 6-foot-8-inch rods (four conventional, two spin) with varying power. They come with Fuji K guides with alconite inserts, Fuji reel seat, and tapered EVA split grips. They cost $149.95.

Garmin OnDeck app
Garmin OnDeck Courtesy Garmin

Garmin OnDeck

Garmin’s new OnDeck System offers anglers a remote monitoring and management solution allowing 24/7 access to critical and timely information about their boat. When paired with Garmin’s ActiveCaptain app, OnDeck monitors battery status, bilge activity, door/hatch sensors, GPS location and more. Anglers can be notified if the boat movesin or out of a custom geofenced area. In addition to the hub unit, the system includes a door sensor, temperature sensor, shore-power sensor and relay switch. OnDeck can be used with or without a multifunction display and has a 48-hour internal back-up battery. The system costs $849.99; subscriptions include a flexible $19.99 per month plan and a one-year plan for $12.99 per month (first three months at no charge during promotional period).

Berkley Gulp! Paddleshad soft plastics
Berkley Gulp! Paddleshad Courtesy Berkley

Berkley Gulp! Paddleshad

Berkley has expanded its saltwater Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! Series with the new Paddleshad shape. The new baitfish profile has an optimized nose for rigging jigheads. Its body and tail design work together to provide fast action and slow-speed movement. Sizes range from 3 to 6 inches and colors include a variety of standard and firetail offerings. Gulp! Paddleshad start at $6.99 per five-pack and Alive! Paddleshad start at $9.99 per pint.

Star Brite Magic Sponge XTEND cleaner
Star Brite Magic Sponge XTEND Courtesy Star Brite

Star Brite Magic Sponge XTEND

Star brite has taken one of its more popular products — the Ultimate Magic Sponge, a melamine foam scuff and streak eraser with a reinforced core — and given it a swivel head that attaches to any handle with both a quick connector and screw-thread adapter. The attachment pad can also be used with all Star brite scrubber handles as well. Clean without straining your back or knees. The Magic Sponge XTEND costs $34.99.

Humminbird Solix G3 display
Humminbird Solix G3 Courtesy Humminbird

Humminbird Solix G3

Humminbird has announced its third-generation series Solix multifunction displays, which feature a new dual-core processor and an expanded range of Mega Imaging+, offering deeper depths and further distances (up to 250 feet deep and 250 feet to each side). Available with 10.1-, 12.1- or 15.4-inch high-definition, sunlight-viewable screens. Solix G3 comes with built-in dual-spectrum chirp sonar. Available chart options include Humminbird’s new CoastMaster as well as Navionics. Units range in price from $2,199.99 to $3,499.99.


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Gamakatsu Nautilus Circle Fishing Hooks
Gamakatsu Nautilus Circle Hooks Courtesy Gamakatsu

Gamakatsu Nautilus Circle Hooks

Gamakatsu says its engineers drew on the shape of the nautilus pelagic mollusk to develop its line of circle hooks for live bait or chunks. Nautilus hooks feature an offset point and are built with a high-carbon content and forged construction. The closed eye allows various rigging methods and leader materials. For the biggest pelagics, opt for the Nautilus Circle HD with 30 percent heavier wire than the regular hooks. Both styles come in ringed version; the solid ring allows live baits to swim more freely. Nautilus and Nautilus HD are coated with NS Black finish for stealth and corrosion protection. Sizes range from 1 to 6/0 with smaller hooks available in packs of eight; larger hooks come in packs of five. All can be bought in packs of 25. Prices start at $4.62 per pack.


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