Firedisc Cooker

Lightweight portable cooker fires up onboard meals and shore lunches.

The Firedisc Cooker simplifies cooking on the go and easily stashes away.Firedisc

Designed for the outdoors, whether aboard boats or set up for shore lunches, the propane-powered Firedisc Cooker features a lightweight portable structure that disassembles for easy stowing. Two stand sections nest together without tools or hardware; the 22-inch-diameter cooking disc sits atop the stand. Available in two heights (24- and 36-inch), the cooker is made from powder-coated, tempered, ultra-high carbon steel to combat corrosion. It operates on a 16-ounce propane canister and adapts to a 20-pound tank. A separate wind helmet helps battle the elements. The cookers come in red or black and cost $329.99 and $349.99.