ZipStitch Is the Easy Way to Close a Wound

Close small cuts quickly and easily on the boat with ZipStitch.

Make sure you can close a wound in a hurry while at sea using ZipStitchZipStitch

Every fishing boat should have an up-to-date first-aid kit to treat injuries at sea. Yet stitching up a cut on a crewmember might fall beyond the skill level of even the most experienced ballyhoo rigger. That’s where the new ­ZipStitch strips (about $55 per pack) come in handy. Each FDA-­approved ZipStitch kit consists of two 1.5 inch strips of hydrocolloid pressure-sensitive adhesive and four precision zip ties made of a medical-grade polymer that connect the strips. The zip ties enable adjustments to precisely close a wound without needles, skin puncturing or pain, even when you’re at sea and hours away from medical care.