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Sport Fishing Roundtable: Caymas Boats

Editor-at-large Randy Vance sits down with Earl Bentz and Todd Falk from Caymas Boats.

In just two short years, Caymas Boats has developed some of the most competitive saltwater fishing boats in the marketplace. That’s not surprising with Earl Bentz at the helm. He’s had key leadership positions at Hydrasports, started Javelin boats and later Triton boats, and done them all with a strong emphasis on power boat performance and hard core fishability. His experience has influenced dozens of boat brands and key outboard brands. That’s also not surprising considering Earl’s foundation in boat racing, engineering and design. Now, partnered Adam Adkisson, President, and son-in-law Todd Falk, VP of Sales and Marketing, plus a legacy team of Earl’s most trusted boat building experts bringing combined hundreds of years experience in design and manufacturing with top shelf materials and modern construction techniques, Caymas is poised to change the industry again. Watch the video to discover how.