Always Carry Spare Eyeglasses Aboard Your Boat

A spare pair of eyeglasses can save your fishing trip.

Make sure you can always see with spare pair of eyeglasses aboard your boat.Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

If you wear corrective lenses of any type, it’s a good idea to stash an extra pair of prescription glasses aboard your boat, particularly if you are the captain. This measure serves as a safeguard against losing your specs overboard or suffering the loss or damage of a contact lens. And don’t think for a minute you can just use your prescription sunglasses in a pinch. They might work during the day, but I know from experience that once the sun is down, sunglasses are more hindrance than help. They’re just too dark to see well. I have plenty of old prescription glasses around, and so I always keep one spare pair aboard for ­emergency purposes.