Barker 40 HPFC Boat Review

Barker Boatworks created a top-performing catamaran with sleek lines and rocket-ship performance.

March 22, 2021
Barker 40 HPFC overhead running shot
LOA: 40 ft. 4 in.; Beam:11 ft. 10 in.; Transom Deadrise: N/A; Draft: 2 ft. 2 in.; Dry Weight: 15,000 lb. (w/o engines); Fuel: 760 gal.; Max HP: 1,800 hp; Base Price: $760,000 (w/ quad Mercury 300 V-8 engines) Courtesy Barker Boatworks

Nothing provides a more stable fishing platform and more real estate on the water, per centerline length, than a catamaran. The Barker 40 HPFC, a Michael Peters asymmetrical-catamaran design, also jumps quickly out of the hole, delivers an 83-mph top end, and offers 620 miles of range, making it ideal for the canyons or for crossing the Gulf Stream.

Triple-wide seating at the helm
Triple-wide, double-row console seats are nicely upholstered with the Barker logo. Courtesy Barker Boatworks

Underway, this cat remains nimble whether meeting chop head-on or crossing it at 45 degrees. When it’s time to make a turn at planing speed, tuck the outside engines in and the inside engines out just two or three degrees, and you’ll experience a comfortable turn that heels inward slightly, not outward like so many early cat designs.

The 40 HPFC’s two 55-gallon transom livewells refresh using powerful pumps in dual sea chests, one in each sponson. Two more bait tanks, 50 gallons each, reside in the deck.

Side doors with integrated dive ladders
Barker’s side doors feature integrated dive ladders, easily deployed from their dedicated storage area. Courtesy Barker Boatworks

Insulated coolers for bait or beverages flank the transom livewells. Port and starboard dive doors make it easy to boat your trophy tuna, turn it and slide it into either the port or starboard 195-gallon Frigid Rigid fish box.

I found 16 Gemlux transom rod holders, and nine in each gunwale, stretching from bow to stern. Barker also offers optional 22-foot Gemlux carbon fiber outriggers.

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Set up as it was, my test boat was ready for trolling, kite fishing, or bottom fishing deep drop-offs for reef fish or swords. Barker makes Optimus 360 joystick steering standard and with it, the station-keeping function means most anglers will never need the standard windlass to hold the boat over fish.

Under-gunwale rod lockers for securely stowing rods
Under-gunwale rod lockers add secure stowage. Courtesy Barker Boatworks

While Barker makes a serious fishing boat, the company also commits to creating comfort for day cruising. Inside the console, I found a large head compartment, but what’s on deck really rocks the boat: Forward seating is lush and contoured for two people to enjoy the sun at rest or on the fly. Anywhere in the boat, the stereo system with its multiple speakers and sub woofers, each with dedicated amps, make the 40 HPFC the focal point of a sandbar afternoon.

Flush-mounted displays at the helm
The helm station features flush-mounted displays, a black dash, and a hardtop with tempered-glass windscreens. Courtesy Barker Boatworks

Hull Specs

LOA: 40 ft. 4 in.


Beam: 11 ft. 10 in.

Transom Deadrise: N/A

Draft: 2 ft. 2 in.


Dry Weight: 15,000 lb. (w/o engines)

Fuel: 760 gal.

Max HP: 1,800 hp

Base Price: $760,000 (w/ quad Mercury 300 V-8 engines)

Quad Mercury 450R outboards power the Barker 40 HPFC
Quad Mercury 450R outboards are powerful and quiet, unless you switch them to sport mode for a throaty rumble. Courtesy Barker Boatworks


Engines: Quad Mercury Racing 450s

Load: Three people, 100 lbs gear 240 gal. fuel

Time to 30 mph: 4.7 sec.

Top Speed: 83.4 mph @ 6,350 rpm

Best MPG: 0.8mpg @ 45.4 mph (4,000 rpm)

Barker Boatworks

Sarasota, Florida



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