Storm Introduces Entire New Series of Inshore Soft Plastics

Storm 360GT Coastal Lineup includes shrimp, jerkbaits and paddle tails.

The days of just Storm swimbaits are over.

Storm's new 360GT Coastal lineup features five different lures inspired by common saltwater forage species, incorporating belly slots and back slots for easy rigging. The Storm baits are all available in two rigging options — a solid jig head or a VMC Weighted Swimbait Hook.

The jig head, with 60-degree line tie, is a versatile option, featuring a holographic eye and tight-grip bait keeper. Use a lift-drop technique or swim it slowly. For weedless presentations, the weighted swimbait hook is equipped with a tapered screw bait keeper and a balanced keel weight. Both rigging options are a VMC Coastal Black Hook.

In total, Storm 360GT Coastal series is made up of the Trick Tail, Mangrove Minnow, Largo Shad, Coastal Shrimp and Manta Tail designs.

Price is $4.99.