VIDEOS: Navionics SonarCharts Live on SonarPhone

Vexilar's portable sounder uses a Navionics app for live sonar charting.

The Vexilar SP300 T-Box portable sounder, one of four products I noted in the January electronics column Electronics on the Go, can pair with a mobile phone or tablet to show both sonar readings and a marine chart, using Navionics' new Boating app.

In these four videos, you will see the app — which includes SonarCharts Live — in action, with some actual demonstrations. With SonarCharts Live, anglers can create a new personal HD bathymetry map that displays on their device in real time, while navigating.

This first video was captured by Navionics' Paul Michele. He was putting along in a boat on his local lake, drawing three-foot contours as he went:

The next three videos show demonstrations of the Navionics Boating app and live SonarCharting.