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Photos From December's SF Photo Contest

January 15, 2013
sf photo contest;-47043.jpg


This month’s winner is Robert Maroni of Portand, Orgeon. He will receive his choice of Costa sunglasses! You can win the next pair by entering your own photos! “This fish was caught north of Malindi off the coast of Kenya, just south of the Somali border in October, 2011, when Somali pirates were kidnapping tourists off the beaches of Kenya. We fished the first day with a large Kenyan military patrol boat in view, which was looking for pirates. The second day, we were boarded by the same Kenyan Navy and told they had apprehended pirates in the same area the day before. This fish was one of three to four sails we landed on the two day trip, along with lots of tuna, dorado, and one large wahoo.” – Rob
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Cubera Snapper

This month’s runner-ups were both submitted by Dan Harley, aka BostonTangler. Dan is a fishing guide from New Jersey. The first runner-up is a snapper caught off Panama.
sf photo contest46-1055.jpg

Yellowfin Tuna

This month’s second runner-up is a tuna flying after a Yo-Zuri popper.
sf photo contest;-1002.jpg


Caught in rough seas seven miles off Ocean Reef off Key Largo, Florida.
sf photo contest;-3003.jpg

Yellowfin Tuna

sf photo contest;-7007.jpg


Reeled in off the Gulf Coast.
sf photo contest;-8008.jpg


On a Salas 7x swimbait off Costa Rica.
sf photo contest;-10009.jpg

Cubera Snapper

Struck a jig somewhere off Central America.
sf photo contest;-12010.jpg

62 Pound Amberjack

Hit a popper off Panama.
sf photo contest;-13011.jpg


Caught somewhere off Central America.
sf photo contest;-14012.jpg

Blue Travella

Central America.
sf photo contest;-16014.jpg

Broomtail Grouper

Central America.
sf photo contest;-17015.jpg


Caught off Panama on a popper.
sf photo contest;-18016.jpg

Blue Travella

Off Panama.
sf photo contest;-19017.jpg

Broken Popper

A giant yellowfin smashed this popper in half off Hannibal Bank in Panama.
sf photo contest;-20018.jpg

Yellow Tuna

Poppers produced these fish off Panama.
sf photo contest;-21019.jpg


Caught off Isla Coiba in Panama.
sf photo contest;-22020.jpg


Caught off Panama.
sf photo contest;-23021.jpg

Cubera Snapper

Central America.
sf photo contest;-24022.jpg

Yellowfin Tuna

Off Paradise Lodge in Panama.
sf photo contest;-25023.jpg

Horse-Eye Jack

Hit a popper somewhere off Central America.
sf photo contest;-26024.jpg


Estimated at 78-pounds, somewhere off Central America.
sf photo contest;-27025.jpg

Yellowfin Tuna

This fish weighed 230 pounds and was caught off Panama.
sf photo contest;-29026.jpg

Yellowfin Tuna.

It took less than one hour to boat this 230 pound yellowfin.
sf photo contest;-30027.jpg


sf photo contest;-31028.jpg

Do Not Eat

sf photo contest;-33030.jpg

Yellowfin Tuna

sf photo contest;-34031.jpg

Lady Angler

Fighting a giant bluefin tuna.
sf photo contest;-35032.jpg

Backing Down

sf photo contest;-36033.jpg


Off Playa Del Carmen in Mexico.
sf photo contest;-37034.jpg

Fighting a Giant

This angler’s first time in a fighting chair involved battling a giant bluefin tuna!
sf photo contest;-38035.jpg

Bluefin Tuna

Bryan Sears with a 1,000-pound tuna on the line!
sf photo contest;-39036.jpg


Fighting a bluefin tuna.
sf photo contest;-40037.jpg

Bluefin Tuna

Taylor Sears leaders a giant bluefin tuna.
sf photo contest;-41038.jpg

Mako Shark

Taylor Sears’ 624-pound mako.
sf photo contest;-42039.jpg

Bluefin Tuna

Caught on the anniversary of the Perfect Storm.
sf photo contest;-43040.jpg
Fighting a bluefin tuna of Prince Edward Island.
sf photo contest;-45041.jpg

Striped Marlin

Off Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.
sf photo contest;-46042.jpg


sf photo contest;-48044.jpg


Near Venice, Louisiana.
sf photo contest;-49045.jpg

Yellowfin Tuna

sf photo contest;-50046.jpg

Mahi Mahi

sf photo contest;-51047.jpg


sf photo contest;-52048.jpg


sf photo contest;-53049.jpg


Whitsunday Island, Australia
sf photo contest;-54050.jpg


sf photo contest;-56051.jpg

Spotted Sea Trout

sf photo contest;-57052.jpg


sf photo contest;053.jpg


sf photo contest;054.jpg


Out of Ocean Reef, Key Largo, Florida.

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