Separate Clear Vinyl Curtains from Rails

Curtain spacers prevent marring of your clear vinyl enclosures.

Curtain SpacersJim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

Clear vinyl and polycarbonate windshields, curtains and helm enclosures offer great protection from cold, wind and spray, but the flexible material tends to flap and rattle against the uprights and crossbars of the hardtop frame in strong winds and while underway. It's annoying and tends to mar the clear material. One solution is to use nylon curtain spacers (designed mainly for Bimini enclosures) that clip to the rail and keep the clear ­material away from the metal. These are available to fit 7/8- and 1-inch ­tubing (about $2.60 per clip). I also like to add a small, clear 1¾-inch-diameter suction cup (about $1 each), attached to the clear material and resting against the spacer, to quiet the rattle.