SeaSucker Accessories Attach Without Drilling Holes

Suction cup accessories are easy to add and remove

Suction cup accessories are easy to add and remove.Courtesy SeaSucker

Maybe you're averse to drilling holes in your boat for accessories. Or maybe you want different sets of accessories for different kinds of fishing trips. In either case, consider rod holders, tool racks, cup holders and other add-ons that attach via suction cups. SeaSucker offers a wide range of marine accessories that install with high-strength vacuum mounts to smooth gelcoat surfaces. They attach and detach in seconds. The SeaSucker Pro three-rod holder (about $174), for example, has a 6-inch mount that boasts 210 pounds of holding power. The SeaSucker Pro tool holder attaches with a 4.5-inch suction mount with 120 pounds of holding power. It stows knives, pliers, Boga Grips, dehookers, snips, sharpening steels, lures, hooks and more.