SeaStar Optimus Universal Electric Steering Actuator

New system eliminates hydraulics, uses electronic signaling.

SeaStar's new electric steering actuator eliminates hydraulics.Courtesy SeaStar Solutions

SeaStar has pioneered new technology with the Optimus Universal Electric Steering Actuator, built for use with the company's Optimus Joystick and Electric Power Steering systems. The actuator mounts in place of the present hydraulic cylinder, and doesn't need the separately mounted hydraulic actuators used in Joystick and EPS systems. No more pump-control module, hydraulic pump, hoses, hydraulic cylinders and fluid. With the new product, the electronic helm signal goes directly to the actuator, which moves the outboard. The actuator will be available for single-, twin-, triple- and quad-outboard boats later this year to certified installers; pricing is unavailable.