Seakeeper Launches Stabilizer for Smaller Fishing Boats

Lightweight Seakeeper 2 built for 27- to 32-foot vessels

The Seakeeper 2 was designed for boats down to 27 feet in length.Courtesy Seakeeper

During this year's Miami International Boat Show, Seakeeper introduced a new, 12-volt gyro-stabilizer for boats in the 27- to 32-foot range. Previous models from the Maryland-based company could be deployed on boats as small as 30 feet. However, the new Seakeeper 2 is 25 percent lighter (at 414 pounds) and 22 percent smaller (at 24.8-by-25.5-by-20 inches) than its predecessor.

“We have a relentless drive to bring stabilization to the masses,” says Seakeeper Chief Operating Officer Andrew Semprevivo. “The Seakeeper 2 is the first of our products to reach down into the 20-foot-boat market, and we will continue to expand into new areas to ultimately change the way the world boats.”

The SK2 runs on 12-volt DC power, costs $22,700 and can be installed in a variety of locations. A leaning-post replacement can normally be made with no major structural modifications. The unit comes with a touchscreen control panel. Shipments are scheduled to start in April.

Manufacturers that Sport Fishing editors spoke with at the Miami show commented about how frequently their new-boat buyers request a stabilization system. Acceptance of this technology seems to be exploding.

To better understand how such systems work, Seakeeper made the video (below) about the technology.