Savage Gear 3D Swim Squid

This realistic squid bait can be cast, jigged or trolled.

Savage Gear used a 3D scan to create this new bait.Courtesy Savage Gear

Savage Gear used a scan of an actual squid to design the new 3D Swim Squid bait to better mimic the undulating cephalopod. The 3D Swim Squid can be cast-and-retrieved, slow-jigged or trolled. The two-part design allows anglers to add a glow stick or scent. Available in four sizes — 4 (1/3 ounce), 5 (1 ounce), 7 (1¾ ounce) and 10 (4 ounces) inches long — the baits come two to a package for the smaller sizes and one to a package for the larger ones. Prices range from $13.99 to $19.99.