Remarkable Fishing Images from Unexplored Papua New Guinea

An expedition to remote waters beyond Milne Bay in far eastern Papua New Guinea

June 3, 2015

An invitation to help discover the fishing in unexplored waters would be most anglers’ fantasy come true, so Sport Fishing contributor Al McGlashan was all over the chance to join an expedition to remote waters beyond Milne Bay in far eastern Papua New Guinea. He worked with Sportfishing Papua New Guinea. Even though New Guinea has become something of a far-Pacific hot spot lately, much of its coast remains untouched by fishermen. In these 18 stunning images, McGlashan shares that recent adventure with SF‘s audience. — SF Eds.

Napoleon Wrasse caught fishing with a popper fishing lure
Me and my coveted Napoleon Wrasse on a popper. Al McGlashan
Fishing mothership K20 aerial photo
A bird’s-eye view of the perfect mothership, the K20. Al McGlashan
Fishermen looking at nautical charts during fishing
Unsurveyed dominated that nautical charts true frontier fishing. Al McGlashan
Giant dogtooth tuna
Gus shows off a huge dogtooth jigged up in the channel. Al McGlashan
Double hook ups while fishing
Double hook ups and tangles were anything but rare. Al McGlashan
Underwater coral trout hooked on a surface fishing lure
Massive coral trout were a dime a dozen on surface lures. Al McGlashan
Fisherman holding coral trout caught fishing with surface lures
Coral trout grow to massive proportions in PNG and love surface lures Al McGlashan
Two hooked red bass caught fishing
Two red bass one on each set of hooks Al McGlashan
Big barracuda caught while fishing a stick bait fishing lure
A monster barracuda taken on a stick bait. Al McGlashan
Underwater giant trevally with a fishing lure in its mouth
One of the few decent GTs caught on the trip. Al McGlashan
Two anglers holding a jobfish
Jobfish plagued us at times. Al McGlashan
Papua New Guinea locals
The locals may have looked fierce, but they were friendly as ever. Al McGlashan
K20 fishing mothership
K20 is one of the best set-up motherships that I have ever fished. It has heaps of room to rig gear. Al McGlashan
Anglers holding 70-kg and 80-kg dogtooth tuna
70-kilogram (154.3-pound) and 80-kilogram (176.4-pound) dogtooth caught jigging the channels. Al McGlashan
Stomper trout caught fishing with a Halco Roosta.
Here I am with a stomper trout, taken on his trusty old Halco Roosta. Al McGlashan
Amazing Papua New Guinea landscape while fishing
Fishing the remote waters of the eastern province of PNG means you get to get some amazing landscapes as a backdrop. Al McGlashan
Anglers fishing in Papua New Guinea
With four long boat tenders, we were able to really branch out and explore the area. Al McGlashan
Huge bluefin trevally
I even caught fish using a rusty hook like this huge bluefin trevally. Al McGlashan
Two anglers with a dogtooth tuna
Dogtooth tuna were everywhere, and even took surface lures, which was a first for me. Al McGlashan
Giant trevally held by fisherman
Giant trevally were surprisingly slow, but we still caught fish up to 70-pounds and heaps around 50-pounds like this one. Al McGlashan
Angler with bandaged finger after casting braid
Casting PE 10 braid is fraught with dangers as I can attest with my new nickname 9.5! Al McGlashan

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