Reel Covers Prevent Scatches and Dings

Keep your reels in pristine condition with covers.

Boat Tip: Reel Covers
Reel Covers Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

Vertical rod stowage abaft the helm seating, along the sides of the center console, and on the aft edge of the hardtop increases the number of sticks you can carry. But sometimes the tubes are so close together that the reels bang against each other, especially in rough seas. This can scratch and gouge the finish of your reels. To avoid this, use reel covers while underway. Neoprene covers (about $10) that secure quickly with hook-and-loop fasteners (aka Velcro) not only prevent scratches, but they also cushion the reels from damage. Many tackle shops offer covers (some with their logos on them) for conventional and ­spinning reels. Avoid storing the reels with covers on for long periods at home; moisture can become trapped inside and promote corrosion.


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