Redfish Jumps 2 Feet to Avoid Being Shark's Lunch

Louisiana redfish leaps into the air to escape a 6-foot shark

The Times-Picayune reports on a redfish that took to the skies, instead of becoming a shark's meal.

Grant Greco, a 14-year-old angler, along with his brother, Trent, and father, Sal, had been catching speckled trout, but a red was on deck — one that chose flight over fight.

Todd Masson, a reporter for the Times-Picayune's Louisiana Outdoors section, wrote:

In an instant, though, the fish transmogrified from a line-stripping redfish to a leaping marlin. Reds aren't exactly known for their leaping ability, but this one cleared the surface by at least 2 feet.

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Courtesy of, Photo by Chad Lemoine
Courtesy of, Photo by Chad Lemoine