Protect Your Lower Unit on the Highway

Make sure other motorists can see your overhanging outboard

Protect your engine by increasing its visibility while trailering.Courtesy Davis Instruments

One of the quirks of trailer boating is that an outboard protrudes well aft of the trailer lights with the drive tilted up. A tailgating motorist might not stop soon enough and could strike the engine. To help ensure others are aware of the protruding engine, I add a red towel to the lower unit. I attach it by running the bungee cord for the transom saver through a large grommet in the towel. If that does not seem like enough of a warning, you can buy the Davis Prop Sox (about $11). Bright, reflective orange/red protectors slide on to the propeller blades to increase visibility and reduce the chances of being rear-ended while towing your boat day or night.