PlayAction Braid Marauder High-Speed Trolling Lures

The redesigned Marauder is tougher than ever.

Re-engineered Marauder high-speed trolling lures feature improved durability.Courtesy PlayAction Braid Products

PlayAction Braid Products says it has re-engineered the internal design of the popular Marauder high-speed trolling lures, improving durability. The through-wire process was changed to make it almost impossible for hooks to pull out of the lure body. The company changed the welding process to improve connections. Marauders are now pull-tested up to 350 pounds, with no failures at any connection point, the company says. Troll these baits up to 12 knots for species such as wahoo. Marauders come in small (6½ inches), medium (8½ inches) and large (10½ inches), and in dozens of colors. They cost $35 to $55.