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The Snook and Gamefish Foundation, in partnership with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and other partners, has established the Angler Action recreational data collection system. Logging and recording your trip and catch information through Angler Action is fast and easy. The system not only builds valuable data to be used in the management of recreational fisheries, but also as a record of your own fishing activity. Angler action tools, including the iAngler smart-phone App, were developed though collaboration between research scientists and anglers. This ensures that the data is valuable to the science behind fisheries management decisions.

Angler Action data was used in the FWC 2011 Snook Stock Assessment and is slated for use in other species’ stock assessments and research projects. Get involved in fisheries management by providing information on your next saltwater trip! Read more at

Download the iAngler Mobile Applications for managing Angler Action data from your iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Tablets. iAngler allows you to provide needed data without ever leaving your favorite fishing location. If a smartphone with the iAngler App is not available, you can also record information about the fish you catch and enter the data from your home computer once you are back on shore.


FWC Direct Data Collection

The FWC also collects data for specific species though “catch cards” and “tag returns.” To receive a red snapper catch card with free return postage, e-mail your complete mailing address to [email protected]. Or, if you don’t mind paying postage, download a catch card. Please provide a return address with the completed catch card, and FWC will send you a free adhesive fish ruler to place on your boat or cooler.

If you catch a tagged snapper, grouper or grey triggerfish, please record the tag number, the date, time and location of capture, fish length, and type of bait used. If a tagged fish is to be released, please record the tag number but do not emote the tag. Leaving a tag in a released fish allows FWC to obtain additional recapture data. Call the Angler Tag Return Hotline at 1-800-367-4461 or e-mail tag [email protected] with this information, and FWC will send you a free T-shirt!


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