Okuma Makaira Special Edition Reels

Three new sizes added to conventional reel lineup

Okuma Makaira SEa 50W conventional reel
Okuma Makaira SEa 50W conventional reelCourtesy of Okuma

Okuma has added three new sizes — 50W, 80W and 130 — to its Makaira Special Edition (SEa) conventional reel lineup. The key differences between the SEa models and the gold Makaira lineup appear in the spool bearings, handle sizes and gear ratios. Where gold Makairas use grease on the spool bearings, the green SEas use oil, which improves free-spool (for live-bait applications). The new SEa models use larger handle arms and low-speed gear ratios. The 50W holds 900 yards of 50-pound mono; the 80W holds 1,000 yards of 80; and the 130 holds 1,570 yards of 80. The aluminum reels cost $649.99, $889.99 and $1,199.99.