When Fish Get Revenge! The Sequel — 10 More Videos

More fish that get the last laugh.

****1**** — Is that a man or a rag doll holding that fishing rod? Apparently his inadequacy was entirely the fault of... yeah, bananas. Had he not brought bananas, he’d have bested that monster goliath with ease, right? Anyway, don’t blink or you’ll miss the critical moment. But if you do, fear not: it’s replayed for us at varying speeds no fewer than seven times in less than a minute.

2 - It would be bad enough to lose a Shimano Terez rod and a Stella 10000 plus a GoPro Hero3 on, say, a bluefin tuna, but check out what gets away with the goods here.

3 — A tarpon bites the hand (and arm) that feeds it. This went viral back in 2011. Ouch: those gill rakers are mighty sharp.

4 - For you skeptics out there, this will help you understand what can happen if you stick your hand into the open mouth of a mako shark. (Though the video is close to four minutes, the action is all over in the first half-minute — it only seemed like an hour to the hapless angler).

5 — A charter skipper shows a greenhorn how to land a salmon — or not.

6 — Okay, now I'll just walk right to the very edge of this steep edge in the fjord on this slippery snowbank as i pull against this fish, then lean way over, and... holy cow! How'd that happen?

7 — Not surprisingly, reports of this incident went viral in 2013. Much as the mainstream media loved to claim that a big marlin "sank a boat" it was really misjudgment in boat handling that sunk this big express off Panama. Still, a very large black marlin was the catalyst for that misjudgment. All the drama is shwon in a few still shots shown in the first 25 or so seconds; the rest simply shows the boat taking on water. (Warning: scary-music track to be sure you understand the gravity of a sinking boat!)

8 — A fine demonstration of the nuances of shark wrasslin': (1) bring into boat, (2) grab tail, (3) look at pretty red patterns in your calf.

9 — Nothing like a big marauding shark raging right alongside your kayak to remind you how close to the water is your butt. Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times!

10 — Perhaps most shocking of all, this dramatic one-minute video appearing as “Fishing Dangers” shows how easily an unwitting angler can snag another angler’s hoody on a backcast and launch the person bodily into turbulent waters. Not for the faint of heart.