Video: Australian Fishermen Save a Tiger Shark

These Aussie anglers put their lives at risk to save a tiger shark

This takes some guts.

In Coral Bay, West Australia, these anglers seem to accidentally catch this bad boy along the shoreline of Maud's Landing. One of the fishermen can be seen straddling the tiger shark like a rodeo cowboy to hold the shark down, while the others pry the mouth open to remove the hook.

After a couple of tries to move the grey beast by the tail, the shark gets its bearings and swims back to the deep.

According to the University of Florida's study "ISAF (International Shark Attack File - great name by the way****) Statistics on Attacking Species of Shark," the tiger shark is one of the most dangerous and responsible for large percentage of fatal attacks. It ranks third in the Fatal Unprovoked Category with 29 attacks and second in the Non-fatal category with 71 attacks.