Update: Angler Support Needed to Conserve Massachusetts’ Striped Bass Fishery

Contact the state legislature today to support designating striped bass as a game fish

March 6, 2012

Below is a message from KeepAmericaFishing (

Two weeks ago, KeepAmericaFishing asked anglers to rally behind legislation (H.260) that will designate striped bass as a game fish in Massachusetts’ state waters. Hundreds of anglers wrote in and testified in support of this bill, but there is still more work to be done.

Last week, the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture spent six hours debating H. 260 and hearing testimony both for and against the bill. The committee now has ten days to take action on H. 260.


Striped bass are a prized catch and the nation’s largest marine recreational fishery, contributing significantly to coastal economies and attracting anglers from across the country and abroad. These popular and valuable sportfish must be conserved for future generations to enjoy. H.260 will limit these fish to recreational take, improving the quality of recreational fishing and boosting their economic impact in Massachusetts.

KeepAmericaFishing is asking for your help to ensure that this important legislation passes out of committee with a favorable recommendation, putting it one step closer to becoming a law.

Why Support Game Fish Status?
By designating striped bass as a game fish, striped bass will be managed solely for recreational fishing and will not be available for commercial harvest and sale. This action will ultimately improve the quality of recreational fishing and boost the state’s economy.


Striped bass are already a game fish in federal waters. In several states, including Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine, game fish status has resulted in significant benefits to striped bass populations and recreational fishing.

Take Action Now!
The committee only has a few more days to decide the fate of this important legislation, so it’s crucial that that your voice is heard. Click here to send a message to the committee and your state legislators in support of striped bass conservation today.


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