Two Louisiana Men Arrested for Harassing Fishermen With Glass Bottles and Damaging a Boat

Large fines and even possible jail time await.

Fishing boat with nets
Harassing legally licensed anglers is no small charge in southern Louisiana. Courtesy LDWF

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) reports that agents arrested two men for alledgedly harassing fishermen on Oct. 26 in Plaquemines Parish, located southeast of New Orleans.

Agents arrested Casey Russell, 38, of Slidell, and Daniel Russell, 38, of New Orleans, followed up complaints from fishermen in the False River area of Plaquemines Parish.

LDWF agents and Sheriff’s Office deputies at the scene and were shown videos of the Russells throwing glass bottles at people trying to fish the same area. Additionally, there was video of the Russells cutting in front of fishing boats and dropping shrimp frames (large fixed-position nets) in front of them.

The video shows the Russells purposely entangling the frame of another boat, causing damage to that boat.

The Russells were charged with criminal mischief and damage, and they were booked into Plaquemines Parish Jail.

According to LDWF, this incident is Casey Russell’s third offense for harassment of lawful fishermen and Daniel Russell’s second offense for the same violation.

Casey Russell faces up to a $1,000 fine, with Daniel Russel looking at an $800 fine. Both men also are subject to forfeiture of anything seized in connection with the violations. Jail time is possible, too, with potentially one year behind bars for each Russell if criminal violations are combined.

Their shrimping permits also may be in jeopardy of revocation.

State District Attorney Charles Ballay is in charge of the Russell’s prosecution.

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