NC Supreme Court Orders Trial over $910,000 Tournament Marlin Catch

Facts should come out in testimony, court says.

Big Rock marlin tournament

Big Rock marlin tournament

courtesy Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

The North Carolina Supreme Court has ordered a trial to decide whether the 2010 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament top-prize winner — who stands to take home $910,000 — should indeed be disqualified, as a lower court has ruled, according to a report from ABC News and the Associated Press.

The court ruled Friday that facts should be heard and not rejected solely by a judge, the report states. "Our clients will be happy to get their day in court. That's all they've ever asked for," said Darren Jackson, an attorney for the owners of the winning boat, Citation, which landed an 883-pound blue marlin during the 2010 event. The tournament later voided the win because the young mate from Virginia did not have a North Carolina fishing license when the fish was hooked. He purchased the license online as the vessel was heading back to port.