Giant Atlantic Halibut Caught in Norway

513-pounder eclipses former all-tackle world record

Norwegian Atlantic halibut

Norwegian Atlantic halibut

Atlantic halibut, like this one caught during an SF trip in 2009, grow quite large. But the huge fish reported last week out of Norway — a 513-pounder — dwarfs the record flatfish taken from any ocean.Doug Olander

A 513-pound Atlantic halibut catch reported late last week out of Norway might have smashed the all-tackle world record for the species — 418 pounds, 13 ounces (also caught in Norway).

German angler Marco Liebenow told Mail Online that he fought the 9-foot fish for an hour and a half. When the fish came boatside, it was way too big to haul aboard their 19-foot boat, so he and three friends towed it to shore.

The trip had been organized by tour company Angelreisen Hamburg to Kjollefjord, Norway on the Barents Sea.

Liebenow told Mail Online that he has submitted the paperwork to the International Game Fish Association and is awaiting a response.