Draft National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy Available Online

Share your thoughts on NOAA's draft Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy

Here is another chance to help shape the long-term direction for our saltwater recreational fisheries. ****Today, NOAA Fisheries released a draft of their******** ******National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Policy****** ******for your review and comment.******

NOAA Fisheries extended its thanks to the hundreds of people who turned out to one of their three dozen public discussions on the policy and the many more who shared comments online.

NOAA Fisheries states that they listened to every statement and read every email. The feedback formed the basis for the draft policy and they're pleased to share it with you today.

They created the policy to ensure their recreational fishing objectives are institutionalized and remain top-of-mind.

The policy is not intended to shortcut the transparent, public decision-making process established through the Fisheries Management Councils and states. Rather, the policy serves as a guide for NOAA Fisheries' actions and responsibilities under the law.

You can find summaries from past meetings and other helpful materials that explain more about the policy and NOAA Fisheries role in recreational fishing online.

****You can****** ****submit online comments**** ****on the draft until December 31, 2014.****** They welcome your feedback and ideas for improving the policy.