Deadline Looming for Your Congressmen to Help Save Gulf Marine Habitat

Send a message to your elected representatives before it's too late

Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-Miss.) is circulating a letter to members of Congress and inviting them to join a call for a temporary moratorium on rig removals related to the Idle Iron Policy. A moratorium is needed to allow time to develop a thoughtful, rational process to evaluate those structures and keep as many as safely possible in the water. The deadline for your Congressmen to sign on in support of protecting that habitat is July 17.

The rigs and related structures in the Gulf of Mexico are regarded as the largest artificial reef in the world. In fact, the recovery plans for cherished species like red snapper are dependent on the presence of that structure. Yet in a misguided response to the 2010 Gulf oil spill, the U.S. Department of Interior issued the Idle Iron directive in October of 2010 ordering that all non-producing wells be plugged and any associated structures removed within five years of the issuance of that directive.

Please join Rep. Palazzo, CCA and the community of recreational anglers and divers fighting to protect these unique ecosystems. CLICK HERE or below to send a message to your elected representatives and encourage them to add their signatures to the letter to the Department of Interior calling for a moratorium.

Act now - the deadline for Congressmen to sign onto Rep. Palazzo's letter is July 17!

For more information on the Idle Iron directive, visit the CCA Rigs to Reefs page.

–––Source: Costal Conservation Association