Top 5 Crazy Kayak Fishing Videos

Some close calls with predators-at-large in a one-man watercraft.

__**Sure you can fight fish and sea monsters aboard a center console, but can you handle it on a kayak? These kayak-anglers did. **__On a kayak, fishermen are on an even playing field - a field so even that these catches might as well been sitting in their laps.

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This kayak-angler doesn't even see this shark coming. Next time, he should get a canoe, that way someone can alert him that he might be lunch.

This fisherman brings in a jumpy sailfish with a bill that comes quite close to his own noggin.

A twofer in this video. He thought he was just fishing for tuna - looks more like he was fishing for a shark.

This tuna catch might need its own kayak to bring back ashore.