New Fishing Lures from ICAST 2017

New saltwater lures on display at this year's ICAST show.

Each year, new lures at ICAST push the envelope in design, functionality and action. Some lures spawn whole new genres of baits, other wacky lures mimic prey items like ducks or bats, and some lures upgrade past popular models.

All sorts of lures were on display at the 2017 ICAST international tackle trade show in Orlando. Lucky anglers walking the aisles and checking out the new offerings felt like they were exploring a toy store as a child. As you look through all the new lures highlighted below, imagine the possibilities of these baits on your favorite waters!

13 Fishing Superior Soft Baits

13 Fishing Superior Soft Baits saltwater lure new 2017 2018
13 Fishing Superior Soft Baits Sam Hudson /

13 Fishing’s Superior Soft Baits mimic tiny bugs and crustaceans, perfect for anglers fishing dock lights with spinning gear. The ultralight plastics require a finesse presentation, but 13 Fishing’s Jose Chavez points out that the seven baits in 10 different colors are perfect for trout, snook or redfish near dock shadow lines. Sizes range from 23 to 43 millimeters. Price is $4.99 for a 6-pack.


Berkley Juke

Berkley Juke saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Berkley Juke Sam Hudson /

The new Berkley Juke was designed by a team of world-class bait engineers and pro-anglers, including hard-bait legend David Fritts. Lure features include a flat profile and additional rattles to create maximum attraction. A coffin-shaped bill produces strong darting action and side flash with minimal rod movement. Price is $7.99, available in 18 different color options.

Berkley Powerbait Bearded Grass Pig

Berkley Powerbait Bearded Grass Pig saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Berkley Powerbait Bearded Grass Pig Sam Hudson /

The Berkley Powerbait Bearded Grass Pig is a freshwater swimbait that mimics squid better than any largemouth bass prey item. This bait has saltwater written all over it. An integrated bearded body design increases natural movement when paired with a jig. Ten color options will be available in late 2017 for $4.99 (6-pack).

Halco Max 110

Halco Max 110 saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Halco Max 110 Sam Hudson /

Halco’s newest member to the Max family is the 110, the smallest lip-less minnow in the series suitable for casting and trolling up to 12 knots. Its slender profile casts like a bullet, even in strong breezes. The Max 110 is constructed out of high-tech polymers, heavy-duty Halco Fish Rings and two XS Mustad hooks. Available in nine fish catching colors. The lure is 110 millimeters long; weight a 30 grams (1.05 ounces).


Halco Trembler 70X

Halco Trembler 70X saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Halco Trembler 70X Sam Hudson /

The Trembler 70XS is the smallest member of the Halco Trembler family. Cast, jig or troll for outstanding results on a wide variety of tropical and temperate sportfish, reaching up to 6 knots and a swimming depth of 2.5 meters. The lure is offered in both clear bodied and traditional painted colors. Weight is 16 grams (.56 ounces); length is 70 millimeters. Heavy-duty Halco Fish Rings and No. 4 forged Mustad trebles are standard equipment.

LiveTarget BaitBall Spinner Rig

BaitBall Spinner Rig saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
BaitBall Spinner Rig Sam Hudson /

The BaitBall Spinner Rig incorporates teaser fish on three arms, a single spin blade for flash in the center, and a specially designed target fish armed with a single black nickel hook. Anglers can change both the teaser fish and target fish via a unique interchange system. The action of the BaitBall Spinner Rig mimics a small cluster of fleeing baitfish. Eight colors are available in different frames and weights. The bait hits stores in late 2017. Price is $13.49 – $15.49 based on model size.

LiveTarget Hollow Body Mullet

LiveTarget Hollow Body Mullet saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
LiveTarget Hollow Body Mullet Sam Hudson /

Cast the LiveTarget Hollow Body Mullet back into the deepest, darkest cover. Seasoned anglers can skip-cast to places where live baits are hard to utilize. The snag-resistant topwater lure features a walking action, custom single hook, and balanced weight. Built in three sizes — 3 3/4 inches (3/8 ounce), 4 1/2 inches (1/2 ounce)., and 5 3/8 inches (5/8 ounce) — in three color patterns. Price ranges from $13.49 to $14.49.


Rapala RipStop

Rapala RipStop saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Rapala RipStop Courtesy Rapala

The Rapala RipStop is a cross between a hard plastic jerkbait and a soft-body swimbait. Its unique tail design creates a fast-ripping flash and hard-stopping action. Built with a lip on the front and a tail at the back, the lure can stop on a dime when being retrieved. An integral part of the lure’s design is its plastic boot tail, which creates a hard-rolling, slashing action that mimics the live-minnow movements of a soft-plastic swimbait. Weight is 1/4 ounces; length is 3½ inches; and price is $9.99.

Rapala X-Rap Magnum 40

Rapala X-Rap Magnum 40 saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Rapala X-Rap Magnum 40 Courtesy Rapala

The new X-Rap Magnum 40, a bait that consistently dives to 40 feet, reaches a full 10 feet deeper than any other Rapala. The bait combines an extreme action with a controlled deep-diving, aggressive swimming motion. Length is 7 inches long; weight is 3 3/8 ounces; and trolling speed tops out at 13 knots. Features include rattle, translucent body and 3D holographic eyes, plus two 5/0 VMC 4X Perma Steel hooks. Price is $24.99.

Savage Gear 3D Back Lip Diver

Savage Gear 3D Back Lip Diver saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Savage Gear 3D Back Lip Diver Sam Hudson /

Savage Gear’s 3D Back Lip Diver is a hard bodied, long casting bait with a lip attached to the belly that folds while in the air. The belly lip creates a seductive side to side belly roll in the water. Offered in two sizes, 4 and 5 inches, the bait has a slow sink action. Available in five colors, prices are $9.99- $11.99.


Savage Gear 3D Bat

Savage Gear 3D Bat saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Savage Gear 3D Bat Sam Hudson /

The Savage Gear team created the first of its kind, a 3D-scanned topwater bat bait. Available in two sizes, 4 and 5 inches, the 3D Bat features a hard ABS body and stainless wings on the larger size, and aluminum wings on the smaller size. The 3D Bat also incorporates a high pitched built in rattle. Colors include Black Bat, Grey Bat and Brown Bat. Price is $19.99- $24.99.

Savage Gear Surf Walker

Savage Gear Surf Walker saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Savage Gear Surf Walker Sam Hudson /

With a sleek stick style design, the Savage Surf Walker is a lipless topwater bait that creates a frantic walk-the-dog spitting action. With its long cast design, you can really get these baits out and away from the boat. Available in two sizes, 6 and 7 inches, the Surf Walker retails for $8.99- $9.99.

Sea Falcon Slow-Pitch Jigs

Sea Falcon Slow-Pitch Jigs saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Sea Falcon Slow-Pitch Jigs Sam Hudson /

It was impossible not to notice these Sea Falcon jigs on display at the ICAST show. The finish on the metal jigs reflects a true Japanese feel. Sea Falcon offers many jig weights, ranging from 30 to 500 grams, in a variety of different styles. Most of the jig finishes are baitfish patterns in different colors. To buy the jigs, you’ll have to order directly from Japan.

Sebile Puncher

Sebile Puncher suspending minnow bait saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Sebile Puncher Sam Hudson /

The Sebile Puncher is a suspending minnow bait that anglers can cast-and-retrieve, twitch, or jerk. Available in 5 sizes, the Sebile Puncher features a lure design that works with treble hooks or single hooks. A unique belly hook rotates 360 degrees to prevent fish from throwing the bait. Price is $6.99 – $9.99. Available in early September 2017.

Shimano Coltsniper Twitchbait and Walk

Shimano Coltsniper Twitchbait and Walk stickbait saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Shimano Coltsniper Twitchbait and Walk Sam Hudson /

From top to bottom, the Shimano Coltsniper Twitchbait Floating, Twitchbait Sinking Hi-Pitch, Walk Floating Hi-Pitch, and Walk Floating Silent. Shimano’s new Coltsniper stickbaits are made from glass-fiber material and feature wire-through construction. Price is $9.99.

Storm 360GT Coastal

Storm 360GT Coastal soft plastic saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Storm 360GT Coastal Sam Hudson /

The new Storm 360GT Coastal lineup delivers fish-catching actions for any saltwater angler. Different lures in the coastal lineup all feature bodies inspired by common saltwater forage species, with belly slots and back slots for easy rigging of jigs or swimbait hooks. Lure styles include Manta Tail, Coastal Shrimp, Coastal Largo Shad and Trick Tail. One pack of four baits (with hook or jighead included) is $4.99.

Williamson Koika Jigs

Williamson Koika Jigs slow-pitch jigging saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Williamson Koika Jigs Sam Hudson /

Ideal for slow-pitching, Williamson’s Koika Jig employs an asymmetric design and center balance to create a slow fluttering fall that simulates distressed baitfish. Koika Jigs feature an embedded, lifelike holographic foil finish and a heavy-duty premium VMC Single Assist Hook with armored braid. Koika Jigs are available in eight colors and four sizes: 4 inches, 3-1/2 ounces; 4-1/2 inches, 5 ounces; 5 inches, 7 ounces; and 5-1/2 inches, 9 ounces. Price is $12.99 – $14.99.

Z-Man Slim SwimZ

Z-Man Slim SwimZ swimbait saltwater fishing lure new 2017 2018
Z-Man Slim SwimZ Sam Hudson /

Z-Man’s popular slim-bodied swimbait is now available in 3 inches, aptly named the 3-inch Slim SwimZ. Thin body and exclusive curved paddletail produce wriggling, undulating swimming action. This versatile minnow shape is ideal for a variety of saltwater applications, pairing best with new Trout Eye Finesse and TT Lures NedlockZ Jigheads. Available in 14 colors, a 6-pack retails for $4.49.


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