Mesmerizing Drone Video Shows Tarpon Attacking Mullet

Watch a mind-blowing school of mullet move as a single organism — and the explosions when big tarpon start ambushing them.

When the annual fall mullet run is in full swing along the coast of east central Florida, seeming acres of the surface-loving fish can turn the water black with their tightly packed masses. Their presence rings the dinner bell for predators such as blacktip sharks, jack crevalle and — here — tarpon. In recent years, anglers have begun to enjoy a whole new perspective of this phenomenon. No water-level view can tell the real story the way a drone’s-eye view can. Check out this video, shot by Evan Parness (@cfa_fishing on Instagram) of Coral Springs, Florida, and that will become evident. Each rush by a tarpon scatters mullet in the way a depth charge beneath the school might. The endless school of mullet moves around tarpon as a single, living entity might. If you see this first on mobile, watch it again at home on a large monitor. It’s amazing.