Mercury SpitFire X7 Propeller

New four-blade designed for smaller horsepower outboards

Mercury SpitFire X7 Prop
Mercury SpitFire X7Courtesy of Mercury Marine

Mercury Marine has introduced the SpitFire X7, a stainless-steel propeller designed to improve all performance facets of the growing 75- to 115-­horsepower outboard class. Mercury says SpitFire X7 is the first in that class to be marketed with the company's proprietary X7 alloy, which is said to be 30 percent stronger and four times more durable than conventional stainless steel. Using the X7 alloy and design elements from the aluminum SpitFire, the four-blade SpitFire X7 significantly improves acceleration, top speed and holding ability compared to other similar stainless-steel propellers, Mercury says. The SpitFire X7 is available in 15-, 17-, 19- and 21-inch pitches, and costs $564.