Mercury 400 Verado

400 Verado joins 400 Racing in Mercury's lineup of high-horsepower outboards.

Mercury's new 400 is the highest-horsepower Verado-branded engine.Courtesy Mercury

Mercury launched the 400 hp Verado outboard at February's Miami International Boat Show, signaling the company's highest-horsepower Verado-branded engine. The company's previous 400 hp engine was part of its Racing brand. The 400 Verado features the same supercharged 2.6L L6 powerhead as the 350 Verado and weighs the same, at 668 pounds; it is available in all the same model variations as the 350. The new engine is offered with the 5.44-inch HD gearcase. (The 400R is still available with both the 5.44-inch HD and the SportMaster.) Available now, the 400 Verado starts at $34,135.