Keep Your VHF Antenna Secure

Keep your VHF antenna from falling down in rough seas.

How to Keep Your VHF Antenna Secure
An easy way to keep your VHF antenna secure.Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

The VHF-antenna ratchet mounts on my boat tend to rattle loose, so I swapped them out for Glomex cam-action mounts. These look the same, except there's no lever on the side. Instead, you pull upward on the spring-loaded cam-action arm to loosen and adjust the fore/aft antenna angle, then snap it down to lock the antenna into position. The four-way stainless-steel mount also lets you adjust the side-to-side angle with an adjustment bolt. An antenna cable can be run up through the bottom of the mount, or you can lay the cable in a slot in the standard 1-inch thread mount, eliminating the need to remove connectors. The Glomex four-bolt footprint is the same as the most popular antenna mounts, making retrofits easy. Cam-action mounts cost about $65.