Instant Illumination for Your Livewell

Cyalume chemical light sticks light up your livewell at night.

Light up your livewell with a Cyalume stick.
Give your bait some light when the livewell light malfunctions.Courtesy Cyalume Light Technology

Live bait is the life blood of many fishing trips, and a number of those trips start before daylight. That’s why most livewells now feature illumination so you can see how your liveys are faring. A light also helps keep the bait from bumping into the walls of the well. But what happens when the light malfunctions? First thing, turn it off, because a corroded connection or loose terminal can lead to an overheated wire and a possible fire. To illuminate the livewell in the meantime, carry a handful of Cyalume 6-inch chemical light sticks (about $0.40 per stick in bulk). Sharply bend the stick until it makes a snapping sound to activate the chemical inside. Shake the Cyalume, and drop it in the well. It floats and casts a soft glow into the water. Blue is the preferred color for livewell lights, but any color you have on board will work in a pinch.