IGFA Launches Passports to Fishing Kits

Hands-On Tools Will Help Teach 100,000 Kids to Fish

IGFA Launches Passports to Fishing Kits
Passports to Fishing kits aim to develop ethical anglers.Courtesy IGFA

As part of an initiative to teach 100,000 kids to fish in locations around the world, The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) today announced the official launch of its new Passports to Fishing kits.

The IGFA Passports to Fishing kits provide turn-key “fishing clinics in a box” to the organization’s international network of supporters and partners. Each kit includes everything needed to execute this highly acclaimed youth education clinic, including: educational station materials, IGFA signage, 20 rods and reels and basic fishing tackle for saltwater and freshwater fishing applications. In its first year, the IGFA will develop and distribute at least 50 IGFA Passports to Fishing kits to 20 countries on six continents.

“Children are the key to the future of recreational angling. It's vitally important that we get them out on the water and teach them how to be ethical and responsible anglers at a young age,” said IGFA President Nehl Horton. “To that end, the IGFA is developing programs and initiatives that promote ethical angling practices with the goal of teaching 100,000 children to fish. Our new IGFA Passports to Fishing kits provide all the tools necessary to host a youth-focused fishing clinic.”

The concept of Passports to Fishing clinics is relatively simple and is specifically designed for young anglers and their families. Upon registering at the event, participants receive an IGFA “passport” and then rotate through the various educational stations to learn basic tackle, knot tying, conservation, casting, safety, and environmental stewardship. After completing each learning station, the passports are stamped and once all stations have been successfully completed, each child receives a rod and reel for the day and is free to fish under the supervision of trained staff and volunteers. The IGFA believes that understanding these foundational aspects of our sport is essential to the development of an ethical angler that is confident to continue expanding their angling experiences.

Each child who completes the IGFA Passports to Fishing program will be counted towards the initiative to teach 100,000 kids to fish. Building a new generation of ethical and conservation-minded anglers will ensure that there are future stewards and advocates for marine and fresh water species and habitats, and it will help develop productive, lifelong relationships between individuals and the outdoors.

The Passports to Fishing kits have been made possible through the generous support of partners at Mustad, Plano, Rapala and Zebco. To learn more about the Passports to Fishing program and to get involved, please visit the following link: https://igfa.org/passports-to-fishing/.