IGFA Anglers' Choice Contest

Vote on the 10 best catches of 2015, plus earn a chance to win a new Yeti cooler.

Any catch that earns an IGFA world record is a feat worthy of applause. But let's face it — not all world record catches are equal. From the hundreds of records approved over the past year, the IGFA has selected 10 catches that stand out amongst the rest to compete in the 3rd Annual IGFA Anglers' Choice Contest.

Who will take home the coveted Anglers’ Choice Award this year? It's all up to you! Voting begins on February 1, 2016, to determine the top World Record catch to be approved in 2015. The competition is strong and the prizes are big. Cast your vote and you could win big!

IGFA Anglers Choice Awards

IGFA Anglers Choice Awards

The more you vote, the better the chances you could win a YETI cooler.IGFA

What Is It? The idea is simple. The IGFA compiles 10 of the past year's "best" record catches. Now you — the international angling community — vote on the catch you think is the best. The catch that receives the most votes will receive the Anglers' Choice Award at the IGFA's Angling Achievement Awards ceremony in April.

How Do I Vote? All voting is done online, through the IGFA's website. Both members and non-members of the IGFA can vote. If you are a current IGFA member, you can sign-in using your User ID and Password, and vote each day, once a day.

Not an IGFA member? No problem. Simply create a free account with your email address and name (so we know where to send the prizes), and you'll be ready to start voting. Voting will take place during the month of February (February 1st – February 29th). Participants are limited to one vote per day.

Why Should I Vote? Aside from helping to determine this year's Anglers' Choice Award winner, voters have the potential of winning one of four YETI product prizes to be drawn during the month long contest. Whether you prefer fly fishing in freshwater streams or heading into the blue in search of big game, let your voice be heard by voting for the year's best world record! Be sure to vote as much as possible during the voting period, because the more you vote, the better your chances are at winning one of the four YETI cooler prizes!