Homemade Chum Slingers

Using a homemade chum slinger can bring in fish from afar.

chum slinger
Homemade chum slingers let you fling chunks or live bait the maximum distance with minimum effort. Jim Hendricks / Sport Fishing

Whether you chum with live baits or chunks, throwing chum with your arm alone can get mighty tiring and even strain muscles and joints as you strive to maintain a slick. A homemade chum slinger can save your arm for catching fish. A simple slinger consists of a two‑liter soda bottle with the bottom cut off at a slight angle (leave on the bottle cap). I also like the two-quart bottles used for ­Coffee-mate Creamer. Load the open end with chum and use the bottle neck as a handle while flinging bait. To achieve greater distance, use an oversize plastic toy baseball bat. Cut off the big end (at a slight angle), load it up, and you’ll sail the chum like a big-league slugger.


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