Guy Harvey's Salacious Selfies

Five remarkable, suggestive paintings by the famed marine artist never seen publicly until now.


Wait... you’re looking for those Guy Harvey Salacious Selfies, aren’t you? D'Oh! We seem to have misplaced those.

Oh, okay: Here's the naked truth. If the tips you been reading in this year's April Fools' Day article seem a bit too outlandish, rest assured, they are.

Sorry, but Guy doesn’t fish in the buff (or if he does, he’s never told me), Ray Rosher doesn’t snag dolphin, and none of the other renowned skippers/experts in this article do what they claim

One thing all the guys cited in our article do have in common: a great sense of humor.

In truth, when I proposed this year’s crazy idea and asked if I could put their names to my ridiculous words, I figured at least half would tell me where I could put my request. But to a man, each said count me in.

To all of them: Thanks for being such great sports.

— D.O.