Group Works to Make Fishing an Olympic Sport

Costa Rican Fisheries Federation to represent Costa Rica in the Pan-American sport-fishing delegation, an association attempting to make sport fishing a competitive sport.

January 9, 2018
tuna on topwater
Fighting a big tuna off Costa Rica’s coast will have you feeling like an athlete in no time. Doug Olander / Sport Fishing

The Costa Rican Fisheries Federation (FECOP) was chosen to represent Costa Rica in the Pan- American sport fishing delegation. FECOP is an association promoting responsible fisheries in Costa Rica while protecting, developing, and promoting sustainable marine fisheries in the country. The Pan-American sport fishing delegation will try and get sport fishing added into the Pan-American games and, with the help of European countries, eventually into the Olympics.

“It is very exciting to be chosen to represent Costa Rica,” says Carlos Cavero, President of FECOP. “We now have an open line of communication with other countries and will join the Americas in a single agency that represent sport fishing interests. Costa Rica has so much to offer the sport fishing world and has many anglers with the skills to compete on an international level.”

tuna costa rica
Costa Rica has plenty to offer the sport of fishing, their offshore fishery is among the best in the Americas. Doug Olander / Sport Fishing

Already scheduled for this year are four Pan-American tournaments targeting a variety of species in a variety of waters. One of these tournaments will be located here in Florida on Lake Okeechobee for largemouth bass. Other tournaments include: a tournament targeting snook in Tabasco, Mexico; an offshore tournament out of Isle Mujeres, Mexico; and another possible snook tournament in Guatemala.


FECOP and Costa Rica are hosting next year’s Pan-American assembly in Costa Rica consisting of a three-day, tag-and- release, roosterfish tournament — although the tournament venue has yet to be determined.

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tuna costa rica

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