Topwater Lures: Wake, Pop or Walk

Surface lures make for an exciting time.

Topwater lure types
Choosing the right topwater lure will ensure success. Jon Whittle

A predator that can no longer stand the teasing brusquely goes for the kill in an explosion. Such adrenaline-soaked moments make us try to replicate those scenarios again and again. But not all surface lures are created equal. Grouped by their designed action, topwaters fall in three basic categories: those that wake to subtly draw attention from gamefish; ones that pop or chug, loudly ringing the dinner bell for nearby predators; and others that walk the dog, imitating a frantic baitfish doing its best to avoid being eaten.

Offshore Angler Wake Bait

The first group is well-represented by Offshore Angler’s Wake Bait, which entices fish with its shallow swimming action.

Z-Man Pop ShadZ

Z-Man’s Pop ShadZ is a superlative example of a popper because its unique ElaZtech construction makes it super-buoyant, practically indestructible, and soft enough for fish to grab and hang on.

Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Topnock Pencil

The extremely realistic Yo-Zuri 3D Inshore Topnock Pencil is a perfect flag bearer for surface walkers.

Rapala X-Rap Saltwater Subwalk

Rapala’s X-Rap Saltwater Subwalk, which mimics an injured baitfish’s plight but a few inches underwater, is a leading representative of a more recent suspending subcategory.

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