The Pros of Chartreuse Lures

The experts give us the skinny on chartreuse baits and lures.

Chartreuse lures collection
Chartreuse is a popular color for baits and lures. Jon Whittle

Oh chartreuse, you green-yellow (grellow?) fish magnet. Why are you so popular? We asked the guys who know how this color sells.

“Chartreuse stands out against light or dark bottoms and most other backgrounds, and an opaque version of chartreuse, like our Hot Chartreuse color, also presents a very stark silhouette against the sky when a fish is looking up.” —Daniel Nussbaum, president, Z-Man

“The color works as both an imitator, occurring naturally in various species, and as an attractor. But it’s not just the color; it’s the color combined with the action. One of the bestselling lures in the Rapala lineup is a chartreuse No. 7 or No. 9 Shad Rap.” —Matt Jensen, marketing director, Rapala

“Chartreuse excels in muddy or churned-up, sandy water conditions. Chartreuse gets the fish’s attention. Use it when working topwaters in muddy conditions.” —Chris Bishop, vice president, marketing and sales, Yo-Zuri.

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