Garmin Echo fish finders

All come with HD-ID target-tracking technology...


Garmin designed its new Echo series of standalone fish finders for cost-conscious anglers and those who operate small vessels. Three of the six Echos feature grayscale screens (100, 150 and 200 models); three display in color (300c, 500c and 550c). The single-beam, 200 kHz Echo 100 ($79.99) transmits with 100 watts RMS of power, providing depth readings to 600 feet, displayed on a 4-inch screen. On the high end, the dual-beam, 200/77 kHz 550c ($449) includes a 500-watt sonar transmitter and a 640-by-480-pixel, 5-inch VGA color display. All come with HD-ID target-tracking technology; 5-inch models also allow anglers to rewind sonar history. Call ­800-800-1020, or visit


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